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open positions 2019


  • Doctoral researcher position for Project P11, starting October 2019


P11: Regio- and stereoselective enzymatic oxidative phenol coupling, Prof. Michael Müller, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
The regio- and stereoselective oxidative phenol coupling is one of the most common reactions in nature. At the same time, the reasons for the selectivities are only partially understood. We have identified CYP 450 enzymes and laccases as regio- and stereoselective oxidases in the biosynthesis of numerous secondary metabolites. The task will be to develop a basic understanding on the molecular level and to characterize the three-dimensional structure of the enzymes. This interdisciplinary project uses analytical, synthetic, biochemical and molecular biological methods.


  • excellent graduates in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology (Master or equivalent)
  • proven interest in one or more of the above indicated research fields
  • highly motivated and committed
  • interested in participating actively in the program of the RTG
  • very good written and spoken English skills


For application, please provide the following documents: 

  • a cover letter stating your interests and why you want to become part of the RTG,why you think you would fit into this project
  • your curriculum vitae
  • your degree certificates and study transcripts with a description of the grading scheme
  • an abstract (maximum 1 page) of your diploma or master thesis
  • a list of your publications, if available
  • addresses of two potential references and, if available, letters of recommendation
  • a tangible proof of your fluency in English, i.e. certificate (TOEFL, Camebridge certificate, IELTS); German “Abitur” is eligible as proof of fluency in English


All documents should be provided in English.
Please submit the above mentioned documents as one PDF file.

Applications can be send directly via Email to

Please refer to "Application RTG1976-P2" or "Application RTG1976 - P11", respectively, in the subject line. 

The three‐year structured program consists of lecture series, PhD seminars, workshops, symposia and retreats. In addition, participants will have the possibility to attend courses for individual need. Successful candidates will be awarded the PhD degree (Dr. rer. nat.). The program is taught in English. 

The duration of the doctoral positions is limited to three years. The salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale (TV‐L E13, 65%).  Applications will be considered untill positions are filled.





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