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Functional Diversity of Cofactors in Enzymes


 The major aim of the RTG is the cutting-edge structured education of excellent Ph.D. researchers via strengthening interdisciplinary research in the field of Cofactor-Dependent Enzymes.
A cofactor is a nonprotein chemical compound that is bound to a protein and is essential for the enzymatic activity. Cofactors can be chemically divided into inorganic and organic cofactors. Members of both groups are remarkably diverse with respect to the reactions catalyzed by cofactor-dependent enzymes. The elucidation of cofactor functions in enzyme catalysis is central for the fundamental understanding of catalytic mechanisms. Moreover, it provides opportunities to identify new solutions for global issues such as renewable resources for chemical and energy production and the optimization of biotechnological production processes.
Established, fruitful cooperations that are proven by many joint publications and by the successful training of numerous young scientists, are the basis of the RTG. The main objective of the RTG is the implementation of a structured, highly proficient Ph.D. degree program by cooperation within the scientific core competences of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, supported by the Faculties of Biology and Medicine.

Institutes involved in the RTG1976 are:
The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Institute of Biology II
The Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Institute of Biochemistry
The Institute of Physical Chemistry



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