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Project 4 Prof. Matthias Boll

2-Naphthoyl-CoA reductase: enzymatic aromatic ring reduction at a flavin cofactor

The main focus of this project is to characterize the flavin-dependent 2-naphthoyl-CoA reductase catalyzing a key reaction in anaerobic naphthalene catabolism. The structure, function and occurrence of this prototypical enzyme of a new class of arylcarboxyl-CoA reductases will be studied.
The specific aims of  the project are i) heterologous expression of the gene from different anaerobic naphthalene- and phenanthrene-degrading cultures in E. coli and the isolation and characterization of the individual gene products; ii) determination of the stereochemical course of the reaction; iii) detailed spectroscopic studies (stop-flow UV/vis, EPR, ENDOR) of the cofactors; iv) attempts to solve the structure by crystallization and X-ray analysis of NCRs in order to elucidate the structure–function relationship.

Figure 1: Reactions catalyzed by and cofactors of dearomatizing arylcarboxyl–CoA reductases involved in the anaerobic degradation of monocyclic (A, B) and polycyclic (C) aromatic compounds. (A) ATP-dependent class I benzoyl–CoA reductases; (B) ATP-independent class II benzoyl-CoA reductase; (C) 2-naphthoyl-CoA reductase; the reaction of the latter appears not to be coupled to an exergonic reaction. The cofactors are presented in blue.



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