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Ahmad Alali

NameAhmad Alali

September 2005 - July 2010:
Baath University (Pharmacy),
Homs - Syria
Pharmacist License

December 2010 - May 2015:
Damascus University (Pharmacy),
Damascus - Syria
Diplom in Microbiology amd Hematology and Immunology
Laboratory Medicine

Start of PhD thesis  and group01.05.2016, P3, Prof. A. Bechthold
Subject of thesisInvestigation in Rishirilid Biosynthesis
Reserch interests

Discovery the chemical structures of the secondary metabolites in the pathway of rishirilid B biosynthesis

Discovery of new secondary metabolites in Streptomyces

Investigation enzyme functions involved in the rishirilid B biosythesis pathway

Investigation Protein expression and purification

Research techniquesGene Cloning and Gene Inactivation
Chromatography (SPE, TLC, HPLC...)
HPLC analysis
Protein Crystallization
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