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Emmanuel Gnandt

NameEmmanuel Gnandt
Education/TrainingDiploma in Chemistry, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg (graduated in 2012)
Start of PhD Thesis and group1/2013, P6, Prof. T. Friedrich
Subject of ThesisMechanism of the NADH oxidation in respiratory complex I
Research interestsMolecular biology, protein biochemistry
Research techniquesMolecular cloning, cell culture, protein purification (FPLC), kinetics, stability assays, UV/vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, crystallization
PublicationsHielscher, R., Yegres , M., Voicescu , M., Gnandt, E., Friedrich, T., Hellwig, P. (2013) Characterization of Two Quinone Radicals in the NADH:Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase from Escherichia coli by a Combined Fluorescence Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Approach. Biochemistry 52, 8993-9000.
DOI: 10.1021/bi4009903.
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