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Marcel Wilde

NameMarcel Wilde
Education/TrainingStudies of Pharmacy (2008-2014)
  • Licensure as Pharmacist (Juli, 2014)
  • Diploma Thesis (June, 2014)
Start of PhD Thesis and group9/2014, P12, Prof. M. Müller
Subject of ThesisStudies on the regio- and stereoselectivity of the intermolecular oxidative phenol coupling – catalyzed by bacterial cytochrome P450 enzymes
Research interests 
Research techniquesMolecular biology (cloning);
Protein biochemistry (expression, purification);
Chemical (synthesis), purification, analysis (HPLC-MS, NMR, …)
PublicationsA. Präg, B. A. Grüning, M. Häckh, S. Lüdeke, M. Wilde, A. Luzhetskyy, M. Richter, M. Luzhetska, S. Günther, M. Müller; Regio- and Stereoselective Intermolecular Oxidative Phenol Coupling in Streptomyces; Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136 (17), 6195-6198
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